Avant Première is the largest international trade fair for cultural TV
and presents latest film productions for worldwide transmission.
Avant Première: before the TV premiere.

Most of the programmes I show, I discover at Avant Première

Arild Erikstad
Executive Producer, NRK Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation

At Avant Première I reach all professional contacts and get a serious update of visual music production

Marie Kucerova
Manager of Development, Music + Theatre,
Czech Television

In the world of the arts on film, the Avant Première is like a lifeline to me and my company

Larry Weinstein
Director Producer, Rhombus Media Inc
  • 22 December
    Who is coming to Avant Première 2016? Browse through participants at our Virtual Market:

  • 21 December
    We mourn the death of revolutionary conductor #KurtMasur and would like to honor his memory with this performance!

  • 18 December
    Proud to present #AP_partner The Lomographic Society International - @futureisanalog!

  • 16 December
    #AP_Expertsessions. Think you could profit from advice from @hellthaler from @euroarts? How:

  • 15 December
    Meet #AP_Partner International Arts Manager: the most inclusive monthly magazine for the performing arts industry.

  • 14 December
    Lower fares on railway tickets for Avant Première visitors! In coop. with @visitberlin & De…

  • 13 December
    #AP_Expertsessions. Need advice from industry experts? Ask Milena Fessmann, CEO at Cinesong!

  • 12 December
    Proudly presenting our #AP_partner: leading distribution company @CMajorEnt1!

  • 11 December
    #AP_Expertsessions. Book your slot with expert Stefan Mathieu from @Kobalt here:

  • 8 December
    AVANT PREMIÈRE #MUSIC + MEDIA MARKET #BERLIN 2016, 16-19 Feb. #performingarts #film #production

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