Avant Première

The international trade fair for performing arts films

While premières are shown on film festivals, Avant Première presents performing arts films even before: music and dance films, documentaries, portraits, concerts, live recordings - with a majority of classical music, complemented by contemporary or pop. 500 film productions are featured in the Avant Première Screenings as an exclusive preview to the major international public and private broadcasting stations, distribution and production companies to go on air on TV. Providing a comprehensive synopsis on the latest state-of-the-art productions from all around the world, the Avant Première Screenings offer a great information advantage to all participants. See participants of 2015.

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Avant Première 2017 Sujet © Telmondis

The market for a specialised industry

Decision makers and market players come together for four days of intensive network and business opportunities with partners from all over the world. The Avant Première audience is complemented by funding institutions, opera houses, orchestras, music labels, dance companies, festivals and entrepreneurs like directors, script writers and artists, valuing the event as a framework to advance the international art film business. A comprehensive programme around the Avant Première Screenings includes panels facing current sectoral dynamics, Special Presentations featuring industry innovations of the industry, Special Screenings presenting full length evening screenings of acclaimed performing arts films; The Booth Area invites companies to represent themselves in a branded environment, Individual Presentation Rooms allow quiet space for individual presentations and screenings, the Networking Lounge provides space for business meetings.

Avant Première is hosted by IMZ International Music + Media Centre, a global networking platform of leading international production companies, public TV stations, broadcasting and distribution institutions, opera houses, cultural and educational institutions, festivals and music labels. It is dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of music and dance in the audiovisual media.

Among its 150 international members are major market players like the BBC, ZDF, ARTE, the Metropolitan Opera New York, Universal Music as well as individual members like composers, choreographers, musicians and directors. IMZ engages in networking events and activities from programming for film festivals to dance film competitions around the globe and holds a comprehensive film database and directory for the cultural film industry creating synergies for its members.

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