The international Trade Fair for Performing Arts Films

Concerts and opera:
classical music films
for high-class
tv programmes

In Memoriam Claudio Abbado - Opening Concert Lucerne Festival 2013
Prod. Company: ACCENTUS Music
Co-Prod. Company: NHK, Schweizer Fernsehen, ZDF
Distribution TV: C Major Enterntainment
© Georg Anderhub

Most of the programmes I show,
I discover at Avant Première
Arild Erikstad
Executive Producer, NRK Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation

Focus on Pop Music
2015 Avant Première covers the scope of
pop music film in a selected programme

Soulpower, a 4 x 52' series
Prod. Company: Signed Media
Co-Prod. Company: ZDF/Arte
Distribution: C Major Entertainment
© Brian Adams

Opera on screen
at Avant Première

LaFanciulla del West
Prod. Company: ORF
Co-Prod. Company: ARTE, Unitel Classica
Distribution TV: C Major Entertainment
© ORF Milenko Badzic

At Avant Première I reach all
professional contacts and get a serious
update of visual music production
Marie Kucerova
Manager of Development, Music + Theatre, Czech Television

Technology for the performing arts
TIME Lab by Fraunhofer HHI
the new immersive media experience
for the enhancement of music reception:
360° recording and projection
plus interactive soundsystem

Avant Première:
Classical music
on screen

The New Year's Concert 2014 - Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Prod. Company: ORF
Distribution: Sony Music
© ORF Milenko Badzic

In the world of the arts on film,
the Avant Première is like a lifeline
to me and my company
Larry Weinstein
Director Producer, Rhombus Media Inc

It's all Pop!
2015 complements classical music and
dance films with a pop music focus

CocoRosie At The Bouffes Du Nord
Prod. Company: Sombrero & Co
© Sombrero & Co

Before the première:
the best in performing arts films
for TV and cinema in the Avant Première Screenings

Mission Incognito: Rolando Villazón
Director: Claus Wischmann, Beatrix Conrad
Producer: Sounding Images
© Boris Streubel

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Workshop by Berlinale Talents and Fraunhofer HHI at Avant Première

Berlinale Talents has announced its main theme for 2015: A space discovery!
WEDNESDAY 11 FEB 2015 features a joint workshop with Berlinale Talents and Fraunhofer HHI: "CREATING SPACE IN VIDEO AND AUDIO" on the pioneering TIME Lab. A space discovery of a different kind!


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Technical innovations for the Arts: TIME Lab by Fraunhofer HHI

Avant Première Special Presentation presents 360° recording and projection at a 7K resolution in 3D plus interactive sound system


The 2015 Sujet: Einstein on the Beach by Telmondis

An Opera in four acts by Philip Glass and Robert Wilson