Meet the French


Renowned French companies in the field of audiovisual media invite to join the Special Focus Reception ‘Meet the French’. CEOs and representatives from production, broadcasting and distribution companies like Bel Air Media and Naxos, France Télévisions, François Roussillon et Associés, Les Films Figures Libres and Telmondis invite to network and mingle. Join the reception and be visible to the cultural film industry to enhance progressive business talks, build up future business contacts and strengthen reliable relations.

Tuesday 14 Feb 201720:00 - 22:00Scandic Hotel Potsdamer Platz
Networking Lounge


Audiovisual Division / Naxos Deutschland

Naxos is the largest independent classical label in the world and one of the two largest-selling classical labels. It is also one of the largest distributors of independent classical record labels Since 2009 the company has distributed blu-ray discs, streaming web radio and podcasts.

Bel Air Media

Founded in 1994 by the producer and general manager François Duplat, Bel Air Media is an independent production company for audiovisual projects, specialized in the capturing events for television in the fields of opera, ballet, theatres and concerts.

France Télévisions

France Télévisions is the French public national television broadcaster. With five national television channels, 24 regional and 9 international stations France Télévisions is number one of French public national television broadcasters. It offers a broad program ranging from culture to health, education, politics ect.

François Roussillon et Associés

François Roussillon et Associés is specialized in producing audiovisual programmes of classical music, opera and dance on every screen, along with live and recorded broadcasts featuring performances from major stages in France and Europe, documentaries and music magazine shows.

Les Films Figures Libres

Les Films Figures Libres is a french independant production company which has been producing films for over 15 years. Each year, they produce several music, dance and live show programs which are aired on european and north american channels.

Telmondis Distribution

Telmondis Distribution presents the largest French catalogue of performing arts audio-visual programmes. All types of quality programmes: operas, concerts, classical and contemporary ballets, theatre, plays, circuses, cabarets, documentaries, portraits are listed in the Catalogue which is open to all French and foreign producers to enhance.

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